3 reasons you may want to invest in a heat pump

3 reasons you may want to invest in a heat pump

Throughout the years heat pumps has come a long way to producing affordable comfort in homes.  A heat pump is designed to reverse the cycle in the winter time and blow hot air in the house.  However, a heat pump is no longer efficient once the outside air reaches around 30 degrees Fahrenheit or below, because it removes heat from the outside and rejects it into the house.  At that point the supplementary heat kicks in to cover the slack the heat pump can no longer produce.  So, if a heat pump cannot keep my home comfortable efficiently when I need it most,  why would I want to invest in a heat pump?

Here are 3 reasons you may want to invest in a heat pump

#1. Efficiency.

In 2002 the federal government mandated that all air conditioning units manufactured after December 31, 2005,  have at least a 13-seer rating opposed to the 10-seer it had previously(The higher the seer rating the less energy it uses).  In 2014 they raised the standard again to 14 seer while the gas furnace remained at 80%.  Unlike straight air conditioning units, heat pumps run all year long, therefore you can get more bang for your buck.

#2.  Compatibility.

If you purchase a heat pump you can pair it with a gas furnace, meaning you don’t have to ditch the gas if you are accustomed to the hot heat that a gas furnace produces. This type of unit is better known as a dual fuel or piggy back system. Over the years they have become very popular because you get the best of both worlds.

#3. Comfort.

In ideal conditions a gas furnace puts out anywhere from 130-140 degrees where a heat pump puts out about 90-95 degrees.  With the heat pump the air is not quite as hot as a gas furnace therefore the air is not as dry, giving you a much more comfortable feel.