3 Signs You Need Professional AC Repair

To keep cool during the scorching hot summer without interruption, your AC unit must be running efficiently. It helps to check the unit for signs it needs repair and conduct maintenance before summer starts. If you don’t have the time or expertise, you can call in your AC professional in Birmingham at any time to inspect and repair the unit if needed. Keep an eye out for any of the following warning signs that suggest you need professional AC repair.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

It can be stressful to turn on your AC unit on a sweltering hot day and, instead of cool air, you’re greeted with warm air flowing through the vents. Air conditioners are designed to pull hot air from inside your home and send cool air back inside. Warm airflow means the unit is doing the opposite. The problem may stem from a broken compressor, refrigerant leak, dirty air filter, wrong thermostat setting, a frozen evaporator coil, tripped breaker, or a clogged outdoor unit. In the case of a split air conditioning system, the cause may be a loss of power supply to your AC unit’s indoor components. Your HVAC technician can fix mechanical or electrical problems, reset the thermostat, or remove trapped dirt and debris from the outdoor unit.

Frequent Cycling


The average air conditioning cycle is about 20-minutes. Your AC is short cycling if it turns on and off faster than the average cycling time. It is also not cooling your home sufficiently, although it’s pulling energy. Common reasons for short cycling include the wrong size unit, low refrigerant level, clogged air filter, and an iced or dirty evaporator coil. Another possible cause is the loss of cool air from open windows or unsealed spaces. Spin-off problems caused by frequent cycles include excessive wear and tear due to the AC needing to work harder and increased energy use. Depending on the problem, your professional AC repair technician will troubleshoot the system and recommend AC tune-up, repairs, or replacement.

Your Energy Bills Skyrocket

Are you shocked at your recent energy bills in summer despite moderate AC use? An AC unit that is not working efficiently or is cycling too often will cause a spike in your energy bills. More than likely, there is an underlying problem contributing to increased energy use. Possible issues include dirty air filters, leaking refrigerant, poor insulation, compressor problems, or lack of maintenance. The problem could be making your system cycle frequently or work harder to cool the same square footage of space in your home.

Contact Our Professional AC Repair Tech in Birmingham

Whatever the issue is, our experienced HVAC technician can find and fix it. We may recommend you upgrade to a more energy-efficient system if your unit is old or outdated. You’ll save money in the long run with a new installation compared to carrying out frequent repairs to keep the old system running properly.

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