5 Common Causes of an Air Conditioner Leak

There are many things in our home that, when operating as expected, we don’t really pay much attention to. Your air conditioning is one such example; it’s often taken for granted until it suddenly malfunctions. Like most equipment, there are a variety of reasons why problems occur. Let’s examine five of the most common below…

Your Drain Overflow Pan Is Damaged

Even small holes in this area, underneath your unit, will allow water to spill onto the floor before it enters the drain hose. Check the edges and corners to see if there are any cracks or holes. This leads us on to…

A Clogged Drain Line

Many modern air conditioning systems will have an emergency shut-off function which kicks in to prevent further damage if clogging is detected. This can worry owners who don’t know about this fail-safe; there can be an immediate assumption that their system is broken.

A clogged drain line prevents water from draining from your overflow pan. An initial action should see a check carried out on the tubing, assessing whether dirt or debris is present. Should you spot a blockage, a wet/dry vacuum can often suck it out and restore free running.

The Pump Is Broken

leak; air condition

This means water cannot be drawn from the overflow pan. This water then fills the pan, and its only means of escape is to spill out onto your floor! Having checked that your drain line is not clogged (see above), double-check by pouring some water into the pan and seeing if the system takes it away.

There Might Be Dirt in the Air Filter

This is a key part of the system that needs to be changed regularly, especially when your air conditioning is infrequent and prolonged use. Otherwise, it accumulates muck, resulting in the airflow being hampered. This can mean that the air around the evaporator coil gets too cold. If ice forms and then melts, dripping water can lead to that infuriating leak.

Your System Wasn’t Properly Installed

Sadly, this can be a problem you wouldn’t ever expect to have. It highlights the importance of using an experienced and reputable company, covering Birmingham and the surrounding area, to install (and then service) your air conditioning system.

A frequent problem, when improperly installed, is that the central air conditioning unit isn’t level. It must be completely level and placed on a flat surface. If this isn’t the case, water can then pool in one area of the overflow pan and flow over the edges.

With a window air conditioner, the front should be angled slightly to allow the water to drain out of the back and outside of your home. If the securing seals are not tight, warm air can meet cool air, and condensation can quickly form.

Call in the Professionals

From this list, you’ll see that while some common causes of a leak can be quickly identified and sorted, often calling in Birmingham area professional help is the best way to ensure your air conditioner is doing its job to the best of its ability.

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