5 Important Space Heater Safety Tips

As far as fire hazards in our homes go, space heaters are near the top of the list. According to the CPCS, they account for 1,700 fires a year.

Despite these numbers, space heaters are safer than they used to be. They come with better insulation, smaller grates, and automatic shut-off valves. That said, they still produce heat, which makes them risky.

Want to make sure your space heater remains safe to use? Check out our five best space heater safety tips below!

1. Don’t Leave the Heater Alone

While you’re using a space heater, you should keep a close eye on it. That means not keeping it on when you leave the room or while you sleep. Doing so increases the chances of a fire hazard that you can’t stop right away.

Keep in mind that a space heater can keep a room warm even when you turn it off. That’s particularly true if your home has the proper insulation. Therefore, when you’re finished using the heater, turn it off and unplug it.

2. Plug It Into a Wall Outlet

Most modern space heaters give you enough cord slack to plug them into any wall outlet you want. Take advantage of that and avoid using extension cords, surge protectors, or anything that’s not a wall outlet.

Why is this important? Simple: a standard space heater can produce up to 1,500 watts of power. By plugging it into added layers of electrical connection, you risk overloading the circuit and creating a fire.

3. Give It Space and Stability

When it comes to how to use a space heater, giving it space is essential. For best results, keep a 3-feet gap between the heater and flammable objects. These include rugs, curtains, blankets—anything that can burn.

You’ll also want to secure your heater on flat ground or a hardwood surface to prevent it from tipping over. Similarly, if there’s any risk of something falling on the heater, move it to a safer spot.

4. Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

Speaking of space heater fire safety tips, you’ll want to pay attention to smoke detectors as well. A space heater has an inherent risk of overheating, so you’ll want to know its detectors work before turning it on.

Test your smoke detectors every month to ensure the batteries still work. Do so even if you’ve packed your heater away. If you notice something wrong with your smoke alarms, get a professional to inspect them.

5. Keep It Out of Reach of Kids

For maximum small space heater safety, keep them away from kids and pets. That’s the best way to ensure they won’t burn themselves by accident. Avoid placing the heater in hallways or any other high-traffic areas.

If you have a cat, protecting it from a heater can prove difficult. One thing you can do is to place a draft barrier around the heater. That way, you can keep your furry friend away while allowing the heater to do its job.

Take Space Heater Safety Seriously

As convenient as space heaters are, they do come with a set of risks. If you want to keep them working properly, you’ll need to pay attention to space heater safety. The above tips are a great starting point!

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