Don't Break a Sweat Trying to Pay for Your AC Unit

Don't Break a Sweat Trying to Pay for Your AC Unit

Ask about All Seasons Heating & Cooling LLC's flexible financing options in Birmingham, AL

It's no secret that AC units are expensive, especially if you're looking at an eco-friendly model. Fortunately, All Seasons Heating & Cooling LLC offers flexible financing options to help you pay for your AC unit.

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Learn more about our AC payment options

Our payment options vary depending on your financial situation. Individuals' excellent credit will qualify for a five-year, 0% down APR financing. Those with challenged credit scores will receive financing through Alabama Power Smart Financing.

Those with credit scores lower than 580 may qualify for a lease-purchase program. If you fall under this category, you must:

  • Own your home or working toward ownership
  • Have been employed at your job for six months
  • Have a minimum household income of $2,750
  • Have a positive balance in your checking account
  • Have no NFS's for last 90 days

If you are unemployed and want to apply for our lease-purchase program, you must be retired or receiving disability checks. Discuss AC payment options with our team in Birmingham, AL right away.