Should I Get A High Efficient Unit?

Should I Get A High Efficient Unit?

High efficient heating and air conditioning units are designed to reduce your annual utility costs.  They are the units with the latest technological advances and they cost a lot more than your base units.  Here in Alabama, for air conditioning & heat pumps the minimum requirement is 14 seer and 80% for gas furnaces.  Now, you can purchase up to a 24.5 seer air conditioning unit or heat pump and 96% on gas furnaces.  Is a high efficient unit right for you, here are some things you may want to consider before purchasing a high efficient unit.


When you purchase energy efficient equipment for your home, the energy rating is based on conditions like air flow.  Say for instance, you purchase a 17seer heat pump.  If your duct work is undersized, leaking, or even oversized to maintain a proper static pressure, the air flow needed to make this unit operate at its peak performance is not there, therefore performing like a base model unit or less.


You can tell how efficient your home is by having an energy audit performed on your home.  For Alabama Power customers they may perform the audit on your home at no cost to you.  You may be able to lower your utility cost by making minor adjustments and a base unit, more than you would by purchasing a high efficient unit without making no adjustments.


If your duct work is properly sized and your home is as efficient as possible, it would make sense to purchase the most energy efficient unit that’s on the market.  You could properly size your unit for the current conditions.  If you are on the market for a new unit, and your home and duct system is inefficient, it may be less costly to save more on your energy bill, to make the minor adjustments and purchase the base model unit.  Remember the base model unit is a 14 seer  or 80% gas furnace, which may be more efficient than the unit you are replacing.