Should I Turn Off My A/C When Leaving My Home?

The A/C uses up a lot of power in the average home, and you may be wondering if it’s a good idea to turn it off whenever you leave the house. After all, why cool an empty house? Read on to see why you may want to leave it on when you leave home in the future.

It’s Not Significantly More Energy-Efficient

Contrary to the belief that turning your unit off whenever you leave home will help you make your home more energy-efficient, this is not exactly true. While you will not use up energy while the system is off, you will come back to a very hot and uncomfortable house. In a bid to get the house comfortable fast, you will likely crank up the unit. This will see you using up a lot of energy in trying to bring the temperatures back to a bearable range. It may also end up having a shorter lifespan as it will use more energy bringing the small parts within it into motion every so often.

Your Home Won’t Be Comfortable for You When You Get Back

Turn Off My A/C

As mentioned, your home will be practically unbearable to be in when you come back home if you had turned your unit off. You will have to spend a few uncomfortable moments indoors waiting for the system to regulate the temperatures, something you could have avoided had you left your HVAC on, and turned up higher rather than lower.

You May Develop Mold

Another disadvantage you will experience as a result of turning your A/C off whenever you leave the house is that over time, you may develop mold. Any professional will tell you that while you’re out and the temperatures are rising in your home, it will become conducive for mold to start growing, especially coupled with the humidity that may be inside your home’s walls and damp spaces. Bugs will also find a comfortable space to set up camp around your home as they love the shelter and warm, humid air in the house. Leave your unit running so you can discourage pests from taking over and keep mold at bay.

You Can Save Money by Turning It up Higher

Strange as it may sound, you could actually save money on energy use by turning the temperature higher when you leave the house. This works by creating a temperature indoors that’s similar to that outdoors. When this happens, it means that your unit will work less hard trying to maintain a temperature indoors that’s different from that outdoors. When you get back home, simply turn the system down to a comfortable temperature and it will work a lot more efficiently than it would if required to start-up and begin to cool the house from scratch.

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