Things Your Heater Wishes You Knew

Your heater cannot speak, but if it could, there are a few things it would let you know.

Airflow is one of the most common complaints about heat pumps and furnaces. Airflow issues arise because of the design of AC units. They are made to be installed against an interior wall, with supply ducts behind each register. Airflow should be toward the blower and out of each grate, but it doesn’t always happen that way and can cause discomfort, humidity problems, and inefficiency. Here are a few things your heater wishes it could tell you so that you can know how to better look after your heater.


Please Change My Air Filter!

Your equipment needs to be cleaned from time to time. When you think about it, your air filter is contaminated with a wide range of different things. Everything you breathe in your home passes through the filter. By making sure you change your filter regularly, you can greatly improve the quality of air inside your home and avoid breathing dust, germs, and other unhealthy things. Also, it does not hurt to wash your filters with warm water for added benefits.

I Get Dusty Inside, Clean Me to Make My Work Easier

Dust is an enemy to your heat pump and furnace. This stuff can clog up the unit’s heat exchanger, causing your energy bill to rise. To combat dust, wipe down the unit outside with a damp cloth and gentle vacuum during the winter. Also, try not to have large furniture in front of your equipment, because this will cause large amounts of dust to go into the air intake.

Unblock My Air Vents

Keeping the vents clean is one of the easiest ways to maximize your heater’s energy efficiency. If they are blocked, they will not be able to properly cool or heat your home. Clean the vents by carefully pulling them off outside and then cleaning them with a vacuum.

Repair My Leaky Components

You can be sure that some of the parts in your heater are going to wear out a little with time. Heat pumps and furnaces will make some noise over the years. This is just a fact of life. However, you should be sure that it is your equipment making all the noise. If you notice something rattling or squeaking or if you hear any kind of unusual noises coming from your ceiling, walls, or floor, get in touch with the All Seasons Heating and Cooling immediately.

Replace My Filter on Time

An air filter that is too dirty can cause damage to your heater. If a filter is too dirty, it will restrict the amount of clean air that you enjoy in your home. Every month or two, you should check and change your filters. For gas furnaces, you will see the air filter inside the furnace box. For heat pumps, you will find them inside a compartment in the back of the unit.

Unblock My Register

Houses shift and settle over time, and your heater’s air vents are no exception. When the registers get blocked and the air cannot come out, it causes pressure to build up inside of your system. If your heater cannot be repaired right away, it could cause extensive damage to your unit. Check these areas regularly for blockages.

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