When Should I Consider Replacing My Air Conditioning Unit?

When Should I Consider Replacing My Air Conditioning Unit?

With the exceptional high costs associated with replacing your central air conditioning unit, it is a topic no home owner wants to think about, much less talk about.  Often, it is much cheaper to repair than to replace at that moment. When faced with a decision to repair or replace, here are some things you may consider.

  • How long are you planning on being there?

If you plan to remain in your home for 5 years or more, you may want to consider replacing your old unit and here’s why. A new unit could provide a 10-year guarantee, which giving you a peace of mind.  Also, your new unit will be more efficient and save you money.

  • The part of your that needs repairing.

If the warranty is up on your old unit and a major repair is needed (anything over $1,000) you may want to consider replacing your old unit, and here’s why.  If you make an expensive repair on your unit, though that part may have a warranty, you run the risk of another major breakdown.  You could end up spending a lot of money into your old unit and still not have the efficiency and peace of mind of a new unit.

  • The uncertainty of price and future of R22 refrigerant.

If you have had to charge your unit with R22 in the past you may want to consider replacing your unit, especially if you need a major repair or in need of more R22 and here’s why.  Jan. 1, 2020 R22 will no longer be legally manufactured. You will be forced to either retrofit your system with an R22 alternate or use R22 that has been reclaimed (used).  You may find someone who has it stock piled but the price may be out the roof.


When you purchase a new unit, it will be more efficient.  If you choose to repair your unit, you may still pay overall because the unit will not be guaranteed, and you won’t have the efficiency you would have with a new unit. Repair after repair could add up, then include the efficiency. You could easily put the money in your old unit that you could have put in a new unit and still not have peace of mind.